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& Maintenance

Servicing & maintenance of Marine Travelift boat lifting and handling equipment

Maintain the operability and performance of your MARINE TRAVELIFT boat lifting and handling equipment with Roulev and reduce stoppage times.

Servicing & Preventive Maintenance

Roulev offers two types of maintenance contract in line with the standards and recommendations of MARINE TRAVELIFT:

Systematic preventive maintenance

Depending on the intensity of use of the machine, our technicians carry out periodic checks and replacements focusing on a series of control points for the gantry crane and the motor.

Conditional preventive maintenance

Our maintenance technicians assess wear during each visit and anticipate potential faults in a series of critical parts (tyres, cables, slings, bearings, etc.). They provide replacements or plan a future intervention date for each of these parts according to the identified requirements.

Repairs & Curative Maintenance

Numerous factors, such as wear, breakage, poor maintenance, incorrect or excessive use, etc., can lead to unexpected breakdowns and malfunctions which affect the operability, performance and/or safety of boat handling and lifting equipment.

As a MARINE TRAVELIFT approved expert, Roulev provides curative maintenance (repair and restoration) for your machines in line with the manufacturer’s standards. You will receive support from an experienced technician specialising in MARINE TRAVELIFT technologies and equipment.

Remote diagnosis & rapid intervention

Roulev is present in different parts of France and provides a local service and rapid intervention, including in parts of Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey).

Our technicians can also connect to your machines remotely with your agreement and perform a real-time diagnosis on different equipment and parts.

Professional maintenance using only manufacturer's parts

Roulev uses a large stock of spare parts from the manufacturer MARINE TRAVELIFT to meet all your maintenance and servicing needs for boat gantry cranes and hoists.

Essential spare parts (relays, coils, bearings, seals, etc.) and standard parts (filters, tyres, beacons, alarms, distributor, balancing valve, etc.) can be provided the same day or on the following day.

Allow 72 hours on average for delivery of other more technical parts from the MARINE TRAVELIFT stock.

Our teams are therefore able to replace structural elements, worn parts and consumables quickly with identical items, guaranteeing professional intervention and the reliability of your machines.