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Hiring Lifting & Handling Solutions

As a specialist in gantry cranes, hoists and mobile lifting solutions for marine and industrial use and exclusive importer and distributor of MARINE TRAVELIFT and SHUTTLELIFT machines, Roulev also offers a hiring service for new and second-hand equipment.

Lifting machines available for hire for marine & industrial use

Industrial companies and marine professionals may have various reasons for obtaining temporary lifting and handling solutions for heavy loads or boats: for example, they may be waiting for a delivery of a new machine or have occasional requirements for building sites over several months or years.

Roulev, an approved MARINE TRAVELIFT and SHUTTLELIFT specialist, frequently acquires machines following the sale of new equipment and is therefore able to meet one-off needs of industrial players, fishing harbours, marinas and shipyards by providing them with tested, controlled lifting solutions.

Find the machine to suit your requirements with the support of Roulev

You will receive customised support when you hire equipment just as you do when purchasing a new or second-hand machine. The Roulev team analyses your project to identify the best solution for your requirements.



Managing the operation of the machine

When hiring a mobile crane, you are generally dependent on a driver and incur the associated costs. However, if you hire a gantry crane with Roulev, you will be able to work autonomously with your own operators and thus reduce your costs.

Aside from the transport, assembly/dismantling, testing and maintenance operations systematically carried out by our technicians, you will have access to production tools and will not be restricted in terms of operating the machines.

Servicing & Maintenance of Hired Gantry Cranes

In order to guarantee the operability and performance of hired machines as well as the safety of handled parts and operators, Roulev systematically provides servicing and maintenance operators as part of the rental contract.

Roulev technicians carry out regular inspections and systematic preventive maintenance depending on the length of the contract, the intensity of use and the operating environment. We check the machines based on a series of control points so that we can plan operations to ensure that they are maintained in operational condition.