Our services for your lifting solutions


Roulev offers a range of services throughout the life of your gantry cranes and hoists for the marine and industrial sectors.

Repairs/ Curative or Corrective Maintenance

The Roulev teams can intervene on site at short notice in the event of premature wear, a malfunction or breakage of one or more elements of your gantry crane. We carry out curative or corrective maintenance operations in order to reduce your machine stoppage time as far as possible.

On-site or remote diagnosis

In the event of a malfunction or breakdown, Roulev technicians can intervene on site to identify the origin of the problem and trigger suitable responses.
Our technicians can also take control of your machines remotely with your agreement to perform a diagnosis on a number of control points (fault codes, fluid level and pressure, etc.).

portique industrie
portiques de levage et élévateurs la marine et l’industrie

Assembling spare parts

Whilst the installation of certain wear parts and consumables does not require particular expertise, other elements demand a perfect understanding of MARINE TRAVELIFT and SHUTTLELIFT machines. As a MARINE TRAVELIFT approved expert, Roulev can assemble spare parts professionally to guarantee the operability and performance of your lifting solutions.

Re-manufacturing components and sub-assemblies

Rather than investing in new parts, Roulev can re-manufacture motors and hydraulic components for your gantry cranes. This allows you to extend the life of your equipment, benefiting from the performance levels of new equipment whilst making real savings in terms of servicing.

Maintain the integrity & and extend the life of your MARINE TRAVELIFT and SHUTTLELIFT machines

As a specialist in MARINE TRAVELIFT and SHUTTELIFT machines, world leaders in tyred gantry cranes for marine and industrial sectors, and exclusive importer and distributor of these brands, Roulev has developed a perfect technical knowledge of these products.

In contrast to other players in the sector, Roulev offers unique support and service based on real expertise in MARINE TRAVELIFT and SHUTTLELIFT solutions. You will therefore maintain the integrity of your machines. You will maintain their operability, reliability, performance and safety. You will extend their life.